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Early Dessert Days

Kevin was a hobby baker for years before entering the pastry profession full time. Anytime Kevin went to a bakery that served a dessert that wasn’t particularly good, missing the essentials like freshness, moisture, flavor, he’d leave disappointed. Those experiences drove Kevin to develop his own solutions to those middling pastries. Using techniques he learned from trial and error, Kevin began baking desserts and breads professionally for caterers and private events. Word quickly spread around Northeast Ohio about his sweet treats, building immediate demand for everything “Kevin”. As he revved up production, his family and friends joked that “Kevin Is Always Mixing”, and a sweet new chapter began.

The Creation of a New Artisan Line

One step in the door of Kevin Is Always Mixing and you’ll see just how seriously Kevin takes desserts. As you walk through the door you’re enveloped by sweet sensations of warm, home-baked goodness, greeted by a case packed with Kevin’s signature creation, dessert in a jar: “I started doing traditional desserts years ago,” he said. “And one night, for whatever reason, it popped in my head, ‘What if we put this in a glass jar and made the serving easy’.” With over 30 varieties on display it’s hard to walk past the first case, but there are many more tempting pastries worth tasting. When Kevin opened his creative bakery in Chardon Ohio, he didn’t want to just produce and stock standard baked goods like donuts and cupcakes. It had to be special.

Kevin is happy to report: “Our goal to ‘Offer simple, fresh, tasty and portable desserts that you can take with you almost anywhere’ is striking a chord with area dessert lovers.” Today, when each made-from-scratch dessert or snack is finished, it goes into a jar and in the case, ready for your enjoyment. Those delectable desserts in a jar come in a variety of sizes. Options include 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz glass mason jars.

Different Desserts for Different Events

There’s more to see and taste on the shelves of Kevin Is Always Mixing. Made fresh daily, an assortment of hand baked fruit pies and fancy cakes fill one show case. Single-serve nut snuggles, kolache, lemon tarts, macarons, strudels and other heavenly goodies fill the shelves of even more cases, with new surprise finds every week. Baskets of tasty grainy and sweet varieties of artisan breads top the cases.

Baking is more fun when it’s a family affair, and you’ll be delighted when you encounter Kevin’s wife and daughter with him in the shop throughout the week or see Marty and Maureen smiling at the counter. In fact, Kevin will be the first to tell you, while it is his creation, his wife and daughter are a large part of how Kevin Is Always Mixing came to be.

So whether you’re looking for a sweet snack, want a dessert table for that special gathering or are looking for dessert catered with a flair for your event or restaurant, you can find it all at Kevin Is Always Mixing in the center of Chardon Ohio.

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